What is ASSISTments?

ASSISTments is an online learning platform offered as a free public service of Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) that is designed to make homework a more effective teaching and learning activity. ASSISTments simultaneously assists students as they complete homework and classwork, while providing teachers with useful assessments of student progress. When students work on problems assigned by their teachers they find out immediately if they are right or wrong, this feedback allows them to persevere. There are also "just in time" hints and explanations along the way as students work. Feedback for the teacher includes actionable reports on how each student did on each assigned problem. This reduces the time consuming chore of grading by harnessing the power of technology.

ASSISTments is easy to use and works with any curriculum or textbook, including Open Education Resources (OER). Teachers are in charge of selecting assignments and receive actionable student- and class-level reports that help drive classroom practices. Teachers can use ASSISTments content as is, edit that content, or build their own content. This flexibility makes the site accessible to all teachers by supporting existing classroom initiatives.

E-TRIALS leverages the ASSISTments platform and the data that the platform collects.

We are committed to keeping and E-TRIALS free forever. This is a university affiliated non-profit project. All intellectual property is owned by WPI, as explained further in the backstory of ASSISTments.