Our Story

For years my colleagues and I have been using E-TRIALS (previously known as the ASSISTments Testbed) to conduct our research. We have published dozens of studies with various researchers (e.g., Notre Dame, SRI, UIC, Harvard, Stanford, CMU etc).

This website is designed to help you strategically move your research project from idea through to publication. You can use this site to learn how to implement E-TRIALS with your own teachers and students or how to leverage our subject pool in ASSISTments. We also provide support for managing the IRB process - because you are provided with de-identified data, your IRB process is simplified.

We are committed to keeping ASSISTments.org and E-TRIALS free forever. This is a university affiliated non-profit project. All intellectual property is owned by WPI, as explained further in the backstory of ASSISTments.