IES Grant competition


Dr. Neil Heffernan introduces the competition

Who can participate

Have you ever wanted to run an experiment to improve math learning with thousands of K12 students, but did not have the money or resources? Good news! IES is giving away 10 grants, each for $400,000, to support such efforts! IES already funded 5 platforms to add support for researchers (and my ASSISTments platform is one of them).

If you want to read what IES has already released, see this. Applications will be due February 23rd, 2023.

If you are interested, please contact We can add you to our mailing list. Feel free to share us your idea so we can give you advice about its feasibility. (IES requires you get a letter from me).

Webinar Recording

E-TRIALS Affordances

E-TRIALS supports three types of studies for this IES grant competition:

Funded Grants using E-TRIALS Platform

The E-TRIALS platform has been used by external researchers for funded grants. Click here to see details about those grants.

We'd love for you to participate.

I like supporting other researchers! I am proud to have already helped a dozen researchers run studies and over 100 researchers publish secondary data analysis using ASSISTments data.

If you love secondary data analysis we have another funding opportunity called MathNet for those that want to propose research with our hundreds of thousands of images from students' math work. Funding is available for three teams for $40,000-$120,000 from a private funder. Express interest before September 30th, 2022 if interested.

If you are interested, please contact