ALI's Analytics

When ALI sends you an email, it includes a link to an ALI Doc. The ALI Doc gives an analysis of the data and links to the raw data.

This is the first half of an ALI Doc. In this half, ALI condenses your data and reports summaries.

(For the purposes of this example, this ALI Doc references synthetic data)

Data Record for PSAYTYT - Logs prior to February 15, 2016

Dear Researcher,

Welcome to the data record for problem set PSAYTYT. You have received this record based on your recent data request. Automated data analysis is featured below, offering a preliminary overview of your sample and a selection of analyses for your consideration. The latter portion of this report contains the raw data files from which you can conduct your own thorough analyses. When publishing your work, please reference this report as a stable location for readers to access your data for review and replication.

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Automated Data Analysis

Completion Rates

Students that have started PSAYTYT : 20

Students that have completed PSAYTYT : 20

Bias Assessment

Before analyzing learning outcomes, we suggest first assessing potential bias introduced by your experimental conditions (i.e., examine differential dropout). The table below reports the number of students that have completed PSAYTYT, split out by experimental condition.

Mean and Standard Deviation of Posttest Score by Condition

To examine learning outcomes at posttest, an analysis of means was conducted across conditions. The tables below reports mean post-test score and standard deviation for each condition. This information was sourced from our automated post-test subreport.