3. Deliver to Teachers and then Students

There are two ways to collect your data. You can find your own subjects or use our subject pool.

ASSISTments can be embedded into any common LMS using LTI. ASSISTments has written code to comply with LTI so you can embed your ASSISTments problem set into Coursera, edX, Moodle, NovoEd, Blackboard, Canvas or just about any other LMS. LTI is a non-propreitary standards that a variety of systems have adopted to allow external "tools" to be "plugged in".

Go here for more information on LTI.

If you choose to use our subject pool we will approve your study and then place it in our ASSISTments Certified library.

If you choose to use your own subject pool you can have them use ASSISTments or they can assign the problem set through our LTI using their own learning management system or you can use ASSISTments Direct to create and deliver links to teachers and/or students for use in their classrooms. ASSISTments Direct does not require teachers and students to create accounts.

When using LTI with ASSISTments make sure to connect as a teacher first before sharing the link with students. ASSISTments will automatically create a teacher account and a class for you, that students will then automatically become enrolled in that class. Instructions are linked below on using Moodle, EdX, Schoology, and Canvas, as well as our LTI parameters.

The website URL for connecting is:


The consumer key:


Shared secret:


The secret may change. In the future, e-mail assistments-help@wpi.edu for the key and secret.

In custom parameters add the entry:


Where 'PS#' is the problem set ID, which starts with "PS".

The PS# is for a problem se you built or one that you have found in ASSISTments. You must have an ASSISTments account to get the PS or have received it from someone else. The students using the LMS however do not need to have an ASSISTments account.

Schoology LTI

LTI in Schoology

Moodle LTI

LTI in Moodle


LTI in EdX

Using ASSISTments with Canvas

LTI on Canvas

Using ASSISTments Direct

Who are the users of ASSISTments Direct?

  • The Distributor is the person who creates the problem set and wants teachers and students to use it. The Distributor creates a share link.
  • The Teacher gets the share link and creates a Teacher Report link to see the results of the assignment and the Student Assignment Link to give to the students to work on
  • The Student clicks on the assignment link, puts in his or her name and does the work.

ASSISTments Direct lets teachers send students links to solve ASSISTments problems, without logging in.

With ASSISTments Direct, teachers and students do not need to create accounts to have access to assignments and reports.

Use the Existing Subject Pool

You are a researcher not a teacher, but it may help you collect your data if you understand the way ASSISTments works in the classroom. Listen to some of these videos and study our teacher Help pages. For instance, you should go learn what a skill builder is. Then learn why teachers use the ARRS system, that gives kids practice spaced out over time. They like ARRS as they think it is good for learning, but from your researcher perspective, you like ARRS because it gives to a free "posttest" measure one week later.

Teachers think of ASSISTments as a teaching tool. There are many ways that teachers use ASSISTments. You will find videos here of teachers sharing how they use the system.

For more videos like this go to our YouTube Channel