Legacy Report Data

Once you have filled out a Legacy Data Request, you should receive an email that your request is being processed. You should then receive a second email within about 15 minutes that includes a link to a Google Doc including basic Legacy Analytics and Legacy Data from users of the legacy version of ASSISTments. These two portions of a standard report have been separated for clarity, with simulated Legacy Data presented below for data prior to February 15, 2016 on problem set ID PSAYTYT.

Legacy Data

Raw data files contain the logged information for each student that has participated in your study (including those who have not completed the problem set and those who do not have available path information). We provide this data in a variety of formats, as explained below, to assist in your analytic efforts. We use Google Docs to share these files with you. If you would like to process these files manually, we recommend downloading the CSV file of your choice and resaving the file as an Excel spreadsheet or workbook to retain formatting and formulas. If you will be passing the file directly to a statistical package, downloading the CSV to a convenient location should suffice. By clicking any link to download content from this page, you are agreeing to our Terms of Use.

For a field glossary and tutorials on how to read each type of file, visit our Data Dump Glossary.

Historical Data

Covariate File - A collection of useful covariates for the students who participated in your study. This file includes student level variables (i.e., gender), class level variables, (i.e., homework completion rates), and school level variables (i.e., urban city). Click here for a tutorial on how to link this file to your experimental data.

Experimental Data

Action Level - One row per action per student; the finest granularity. Students participating in your study have performed 884 actions (e.g., beginning problems, attempting to answer problems, asking for hints or tutoring, and eventually completing problems).

Problem Level - One row per problem per student. Students participating in your study have completed 249 problems. The flow through a single problem incorporates many actions, resulting in a coarser data file (fewer rows).

Student Level - One row per student; the coarsest granularity. Columns are laid out in opportunity order to depict the student's progression through the problem set. Problem level information is expanded to one column per problem per field (column heavy).

Student Level + Problem Level - One row per field per student. Columns are laid out in opportunity order to depict the student's progression through the problem set. This is an alternative view of the student level information (row heavy).

If after consulting our glossary page you have trouble interpreting any of the above files, please feel free to email korinn.ostrow[at]assistments.org.


For explanation purposes, please see Legacy Analytics to access the first portion of this report.