Ed-Tech Research Infrastructure to Advance Learning Science

E-TRIALS offers researchers a completely unique way to ask questions about education at scale in ASSISTments.

Funding Opportunity

E-TRIALS is one of the five digital platforms IES funded to build infrastructure to help researchers implement studies. 

Go to our webpage to learn how E-TRIALS can support you for this grant competition and in seeking to use ETRIALS in other grants. 

How E-TRIALS works

Deploy your RCT with ASSISTments content and users or using your own content and participant pool

Research Opportunity

E-TRIALS is recruiting researchers to conduct Support Comparison Study to examine the effectiveness of student supports for solving math problems. A $1000 stipend will be provided. 

"Quite simply, E-TRIALS is a dream come true for researchers interested in student learning." 

Professor Virginia Clinton, University of North Dakota