One of our Terms of Use is that researchers must pre-register their experimental designs, hypotheses, and analyses with a reputable repository. We have moved toward full support of the Open Science Foundation for this purpose. The promotion of open science is critically important in increasing the reliability and validity of research findings. These practices keep researchers from cherry picking significant results, keep null results from ending up hidden away in the 'file drawer,' and promote accessible and transparent data sharing practices.

When our E-TRIALS application is released we will be working toward hosting data retrieval within our app (even for studies not built with the app). This will require that you log in to E-TRIALS with your ASSISTments information and specify your data request. You will be required to have an project page with a public preregistration in order to access data. More information will be made available under our Deploy and Disseminate steps when our application is released. Regardless of how your study is built - with the application or with our legacy version - we urge that you create an account with the OSF in advance of building any study in ASSISTments to learn about the resource and streamline data provision at a later date.

If you have questions about OSF project pages or pre-registration, please contact