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Summer Research Cohort Webinar

Neil Heffernan held an informational webinar - cohosted by LALN - on Monday June 21, 2021. This webinar focused on the 2021 E-TRIALS Summer Research Cohort, providing details on the six week program and answering questions from potential applicants.

Creating a Study in ASSISTments

Neil Heffernan created a playlist of video instructions to help researchers build studies in E-TRIALS. Although these methods are somewhat antiquated, following along can provide a basic understanding of how E-TRIALS works. 

2020 Virtual Learning Lab (AERA)

In April 2020, Dr. Neil Heffernan participated in a Virtual Learning Lab Seminar at  AERA  focused on how Ed Tech platform providers are using their services for research

ASSISTments as a Teacher Tool

Understanding the way ASSISTments works in classrooms may help you Develop your study. Teachers think of ASSISTments as a teaching tool. There are many ways that teachers use ASSISTments. In the following videos, teachers share how they used our legacy version of ASSISTments. 

AERA 2015 Seminar

Neil Heffernan and Jim Pellegrino hosted a seminar at AERA 2015 to promote the use of E-TRIALS, for educational research. Although these methods have evolved somewhat, following along can provide a basic understanding of our research world. 

Additional walkthroughs and presentations are coming soon. 

We do track what teachers do

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