Problem Varied Study


Problem Varied Study is about comparing researcher-created problem content. Researchers will create their own content and recruit their own participants. This type of study can be conducted with researcher-created content and with both K-12 and higher ed students.

Who can participate

Researchers who are interested in creating randomized controlled trials with content they create.

What is the study about

  • Problem Varied Study allows researchers to compare researcher-created problem content with randomized controlled trials. Example studies include:

      • The effects of spatial features in mathematical expressions on performance

      • The effects of problem format (Single Template vs. Multiple Templates) on performance

      • The effects of motivational videos on performance

  • It could be for both K-12 and higher ed students.

  • Not limited to math. Researchers can build any content in their areas.

  • Study can be assigned through

      • Canvas or Google Classroom

      • LTI integration of ASSISTments with Coursera and Edx allows teachers to assign researcher-created content

  • Researchers need to recruit their own subject pool.

The Process

  • Develop: Create a problem set or multiple problem sets using our Legacy Builder with researcher-created content and then create a Problem Varied Study in the E-TRIALS platform (see tutorial below).

  • Deploy: Researcher will recruit their own participants. The study conditions will be randomly assigned to participants.

  • Disseminate: Request data, analyze data, disseminate the work. Please keep us updated by emailing

Benefits for Participation

  • $200 stipend for a researcher to develop a study

  • The team at ASSISTments will monitor for quality control.

Tutorial on Creating a Problem Varied Study


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