Problem Varied Study


Problem Varied Study is about comparing researcher-created problem content. Researchers will create their own content and recruit their own participants. This type of study can be conducted with researcher-created content and with both K-12 and higher ed students.

Who can participate

Researchers who are interested in creating randomized controlled trials with content they create.

What is the study about

The Process

Benefits for Participation

Tutorial on Creating a Problem Varied Study

1. Building Personalized Content in ASSISTments

This video shows how to use 1.0 builder to create your content. 

Refer to this page Legacy Builder to create a study with your experimental design.

Link to ASSISTments Builder:

2. Create Study in E-TRIALS Platform

After you create a study in 1.0 builder. Add your study in the E-TRIALS Platform. 

This allows you to keep students in conditions if you have multiple experiments.

Link to E-TRIALS Platform: 

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