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What types of student supports (hints or explanations for math problems) work best for which students? Do you have multiple conditions of student supports you would like to compare? We invite you to conduct a Support Comparison Study to examine your research question. Your contribution will be invaluable to help students learn mathematics.

Who can participate

Researchers who are interested in creating two or more types of student supports (hint supports  or explanations) that help students solve a particular problem, as conditions for a research study, are welcome to use our platform to conduct a Support Comparison Study. 

What is the study about

Many students struggle with math learning. ASSISTments-Teacher is a free formative math assessment platform that helps teachers be more responsive to students and makes instruction more relevant and customized. It has been used by more than 1 Million students. Teachers use the platform to assign students math problems from popular open educational resources such as Kendall Hunt Illustrative Mathematics and EngageNY/Eureka Math. ASSISTments is dedicated to helping students work independently on math problems by providing support in the form of hints and explanations.  

Example studies include Hints vs. Explanations; Hints vs. Worked Examples; Hints vs. Dynamic Algebraic Notation System. The following video shows some examples.

Conceptual Framework

We use TPACK as our overall conceptual framework. You may use a specific conceptual framework for your comparison of different types of hints or explanations.

Adapted from the TPACK framework

The Process

Tutorials on Creating a Support Comparison Study

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2. Create a Support Comparison Study

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This Webinar for ASSISTments Teachers gives a deep dive into hints/explanations

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