Please familiarize yourself with Worcester Polytechnic Institute's Institutional Review Board (IRB) Approved Documents that govern the use of ASSISTments for running randomized controlled trials and analyzing anonymized student data. We also require that you obtain IRB approval from your university or institute.  

Your IRB

We know of multiple university IRBs that have granted approval for the use of E-TRIALS in a variety of ways. Thus far, approvals have fallen into one of four categories:

Non-Human Research

Survey and Testing 

Exempt under Number 2 (§46.101b4) ("survey and testing" w/o personally identifiable information)

Normal Instructional Practice

Exempt under Number 1 (§46.101b4) (normal instructional practice)

Anonymous Data

Exempt under Number 4 ( §46.101b4) (subjects cannot be identified)

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