FUNDED Projects with E-TRIALS 

Many grants proposals have been written by external researchers who partnered with E-TRIALS. Some of these funded proposals are below. 

Dr. Candace Walkington is using the E-TRIALS Testbed to examine if students authoring algebraic problems so they connect to career interests improves learning outcomes. We did not allow students to author their own problems so Walkington asked to to be part of her grant.  So this project extended the testbed to allow students to write their own questions.

National Science Foundation $1,000,000

Dr. Erin Ottmar is using the E-TRIALS Testbed to examine the relationship between physicality and gestures on algebraic learning outcomes.  ETRAILS randomized students into condtioson as well Ottmar several control condtions that were imprement in ASSISTments

Institute of Education Sciences $3,200,000

Dr. Jodi Daveport and Nicole McNeil are using ASSISTments as part of their IES study. They have a development award and the two conditions (treatment and control) of their study will be built in ASSISTments..

Institute of Education Sciences $2,000,000

In this work are working on innovative statistical methods that can use ASSISTments' huge datasets of experiments to better estimate treatment effects.

Institute of Education Sciences $576,429

Andrew Lan project

Andrew Lan was interested in using equation-embedding to better understand students' work.  He asked us to use E-TRIALS to conduct several randomized controlled trials to see if common wrong answer feedback could improve learning 

National Science Foundation $800,000

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