E-TRIALS is happy to be partnering with Doug Jaffe and Laurence Holt on the MathNet project. They will be funding research on our Image Data Set. We have over 3 million images uploaded by students whose teachers used ASSISTments for their assignments. Many of them have been scored. Now you can get funding to study these images.

On September 13th, 2022 we hosted a webinar, below is the recording and a link to the sample dataset. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How long should my proposal be?

Answer: No more than 10 pages

Question: What is the IDC?

Answer: No more than 10%

Question: Where can we find the questions/prompts students are answering in the images?


Those prompts are embedded in the curriculum used in the classroom. ASSISTments supports several different curricula though the one we are focused on are Illustrative Math and EngageNY, since the content (including the prompts) can be used with an open license. That narrows down the number of images in ASSISTments to just those responding to these two curriculum prompts.

The IM curriculum is here.

The EngageNY curriculum is here then click on Math Curriculum Modules. 

If you are funded, you will receive a dataset of all the problem bodies along with your Image Datasets.

Email applications@mathnet.ia for more information