Problem Level Data

Data on students' performance within your study problem set(s), presented as one row per problem a student sees.

Compared to an action file, it will have fewer rows, as every problem solved, a action file will have at least a "start" row (indicated the time stamp the student was exposed to the problem) and at least one "attempt" action row, and finally a "end" row indicated these students moved to the next problem. All of that info is collapsed in this problem level file.

This spreadsheet corresponds with the action level data shown on the Action Level Legacy Data page

Tips for Reading Problem Level Legacy Data

  1. Row 2 - 8 column B shows that user 111532 saw seven problems.

  2. Row 2 - 4 in column AJ you can see in red that student's answer to their first attempt to problems 1, 2, and 3.

  3. Row 13 column AJ, you can see the answer is blank because the student's first action was to ask for a hint. This is indicated in column AQ by the "1" for "first action."

  4. Row 9 shows users 118662's first problem. As you recall in the actions table, this student attempted the problem by typing in "1/4^3" but was marked wrong, then asking for three hints. You can see the their hint usage, marked in column AR ( "hint count"), as "3" in purple. You can also see that in column AS, "Bottom Hint" is labeled as 1, indicating that those were all the hints available for this problem and the student saw the answer. This information is not available from the action file itself so this column is useful.

Please see the Student Level Legacy Data page as the variables in this file have the same definition.