Legacy Data Request

The form below generates data reports for studies that have been deployed to users of the legacy version of ASSISTments. This form generates Assessment of Learning Infrastructure (ALI) reports that feature basic Legacy Analytics that help provide insight into assignment usage, condition-based attrition, and basic posttest results if the [posttest] tag is used. These reports also feature a covariate file with participant data aggregated prior to their participation in the study problem set(s) and four formats of Legacy Data.

You can request legacy data by using this form, you simply need your email and a problem set ID. The first time you use this form we will verify your email. Going forward, you will be able to state that you have used the form before and reports will be generated more swiftly. Aside from reviewing our simulated examples of Legacy Analytics and Legacy Data, you may also want to assign the content you have developed to yourself in our legacy version, working through it as a student, and retrieve data using the form below.

Visit our Resources page for video walkthroughs on data interpretation.