MathNet-V1 Dataset

Description of MathNet-v1 Dataset

This dataset allows for research on students' hand-written math solutions. FeiFei Li created a dataset of pictures of cats, dogs, and other objects called ImageNet. Thousands of papers have been written where researchers used ImageNet to test their algorithms. So now, image processing techniques are quite good at identifying objects in images. The MathNet-v1 dataset is intended to improve the field of understanding students' written math work. We want to allow others to conduct this research using these images. I want to thank the Funders of MathNet who provided the funding to WPI to allow me and my team to strip the personally identifiable information from images (i.e., students sometimes have their names on the paper, etc).  These funders also funded several other teams to do science with these images. 

Neil Heffernan - Professor 

P.S. I am proud of the fact that over 100 papers have been authored by others using out openly licensed data sets, which do not involve images. Now we have this MathNet-v1 dataset available.

Access the MathNet-v1 Dataset

Once you request the data, we will verify your employment at such an institution and then send you an agreement to sign. Finally, we will send you the Dataset.